What We Do

We provide high-end commercial & residential properties throughout the East Midlands. Our family business has a wealth of property experience. The directors of Cavendish & London Property Group successfully sold a lettings portfolio in 2018 and since then has looked to make the company a developer that provides good quality residential and commercial properties.


To provide exceptional wonderfully designed working or living spaces for like-minded professionals, students and thriving businesses.


Over 60 years combined property, lettings and development experience allows us to work with investors that appreciate working with professionals. Our extensive local market knowledge continually gives our investors solid and sustainable returns.

Fixed Returns

Invest money into the business for a set period of time and get a far better return on your investment than what you would receive from a bank. Get your money back at the end of the defined period with the option to re-invest onto our next project.

We offer a fixed interest that is rolled up to the end of the loan term at which point the capital and accrued interest would be paid. This can include site visits and regular updates.

We work with investors who invest from £50,000 upwards for a minimum term of 12 months with the option to extend. Most payments are given back to our investors much sooner than the agreed period.

How Secure Is The Investment

We use loan agreements that have been approved by solicitors and specialist mortgage brokers so that they give both parties great security and are fully acceptable with the commercial mortgage lenders we work with.

Why Invest?

With years of property experience, coupled with an invaluable property network, we provide a wealth of reasons why we’re the right partners when it comes to smart property investments.