Cavendish & London Property Group is an independent property developer that focusses on creating inspiring and innovative spaces for residential & commercial properties.


Cavendish & London Property Group is a property developer based in the East Midlands. The group was formed by directors that have excessive experience within property management and now look to add to their current property portfolio.

We purchase commercial, residential and industrial properties.

The properties we target are mainly bought off-market with our network of agency and commercial property consultants.

Our power team will develop the property.

Our expertise in how to develop a property means we can keep costs to a minimum, increasing our profit margins.

We refinance the property to release the equity.

Buying at below market value and increasing the property value by carefully considered improvements make refinancing a simple process.

We repay your investment with the agreed interest, within the agreed time frame.

You can then choose to end your investment journey or reinvest with us on future projects, increasing your returns.